Surfing Spots in Tasmania

Beginner & Kids Surf Spots - Tasmania

Search by zooming in on your preferred region on the map above to find out where the best surf spots are for learning to surf, for kids or for some cruisy longboard fun.

The spots listed here have days with good waves for beginner and progressing surfers, some days with poor or no waves and at times big surf days suitable only for advanced surfers, so remember to check out the surf reports for current and forecast surf conditions to find a beach with the best surf conditions for learning and progressing, where ever you are in Australia.

Some of these surf spots are not patrolled by lifeguards, or only patrolled during the summer season, so always surf with a friend who has decades of surfing experience if you plan on surfing these amazing yet more isolated surf spots outside of patrol times.

There are so many other great surf spots in Australia that aren't listed here where awesome waves for practising surfing can often be found, so get out there and explore, respect your fellow surfer and enjoy.