Redgate Beach

Redgate Beach

Western Australia, Margaret River

Redgate Beach is a magic spot that can be a fun whitewater wave option that is suitable for kids and beginners only during small swells. This beach break wave packs plenty of punch with fast breaking powerful close outs the norm, so unless the waves are tiny (which is rare), stick to catching the whitewater.

Wave Type
A broad sandbar normally forms here with rips at either corner of the beach against the rocks. The sandbar is fairly flat but drops off quickly into deep water making this spot good for catching whitewater waves close to shore but very challenging for beginners attempting to catch green waves due to the speed, power and dumping nature in which the waves break.

Overall, Redgate is a good option when other surf spots are flat and the waves here are small. Surf early before the wind picks up in summer. If the waves are too big here and the wind is from the west or north, check out the semi sheltered western corner of Duke Head at Augusta to the south. During big swells and south winds, the beaches inside the sheltered Hamelin Bay to the south and Geographe Bay to the north offer safer surf conditions for beginners.

Good Wind Direction
Best on North East to South East winds.

Good Swell Direction For Fun Beginner Waves
Small South to West to North swells.

Rocks, Rip Currents and Marine Life.

Have fun surfing Redgate Beach by practising surfing etiquette and surf safety.

The car park is located on the northern headland of the beach.

Lifeguard Patrolled
Redgate Beach is not patrolled. Margaret River is the closest patrolled beach where lifesavers are on duty each Sunday during summer - always swim between the red and yellow flags.

Beginners & kids are best to surf at beaches when Lifeguards are on patrol or with a friend who has decades of surfing experience.

Located at the car park on Redgate road.

Closest Shops
Redgate Beach is isolated without shops, so head into town at Margaret River for a bunch of good food options including cafes, restaurants, take aways, supermarkets, pubs and a few good surf shops.

Photos of Redgate Beach

Redgate Beach, Margaret River, Australia's South West
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Surfing Redgate Beach, Margaret River

Surfing Redgate Beach, Margaret River
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