Norman Beach – Wilsons Promontory

Norman Beach

New South Wales, Wilsons Promontory

Stunning Wilsons Promontory National Park is mainland Australia's most southerly point, and while most summer nights are mild, when a cold front marches in, you'll need warm, all weather clothes when camping in a tent. However, summer camping trips here normally mean lazing on magnificent beaches, swimming and surfing in crystal clear water and trekking through virgin forests and resting at breathtaking lookouts. The Prom is definitely an Australian coastal highlight, and the waves can be good fun too.

Wave Type
Norman Beach at Tidal River has a really broad sandbar, making this spot great for catching whitewater waves. During summer the waves are often small and soft on higher tides, allowing surfers to practise catching green waves too. Head to the middle of the beach for bigger waves.

Other options for surfing include Oberon Bay (a full day return walk or overnight camping) which can also be fun in the northern corner during summer north winds. The very remote Sealers Cove on the east side of the promontory (a full day return walk), where the surf is normally flat but protected from west winds. A more accessible surfing option offering shelter from west swells and winds is back out of the park on the beach between Waratah Bay and Sandy Point - avoid rip currents that do exist on the beaches in this region.

Good Wind Direction
Norman Beach is best on North to East winds.

Good Swell Direction For Fun Beginner Waves
Small West to South West to South swells.

- Rocks, Rip Currents and Marine Life.
- Carry fresh water and warm, wet weather gear when trekking around the park.
- Have fun surfing Wilsons Promontory by practising surfing etiquette and surf safety.

There's a car park located behind the beach.

Lifeguard Patrolled
None of the beaches of Wilson Promontory are patrolled. Head to Sandy Point for the closest patrolled beach - always swim between the red and yellow flags.

Beginners & kids are best to surf at beaches when Lifeguards are on patrol or with a friend who has decades of surfing experience.

Located at Normans Beach, Oberon Bay and Sealers Cove.

Closest Shops
A general store, camping supplies and a take away is located at Tidal River or stock up on supplies at Foster on the South Gippsland highway.

Photos of Wilsons Promontory Beaches

Squeaky Beach Wilsons Promontory

Squeaky Beach Wilsons Promontory, Gippsland
Photo: Garry Moore. Courtesy Tourism Victoria


Beautiful Beaches of Wilsons Promontory, Victoria
Photo: Hamish Ta-me. Courtesy Tourism Australia


Wilsons Promontory Trekking

Trekking Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria
Photo: Basquali Skamaachi. Courtesy Tourism Australia