Newcastle Beaches

Newcastle Beaches

New South Wales, Hunter Coast

The city of Newcastle has a proud heritage of being home to a passionate surfing community and producing world class surfers, and the good news for experienced surfers is that the majority of beaches in town are exposed to swell. High wave energy and strong rip currents are present on many days. It is therefore a good idea to take surf lessons at one of several accredited local surf schools to improve your surf awareness and surf skills before starting out surfing independently on Newcastle's beaches.

The best options close to Newcastle's CBD for beginners include Nobbys Beach on South to North West winds (and is normally the safest spot) and Newcastle Beach on North East to West winds. Both beaches are exposed and are best suited for beginners when the waves are small.

The southern end of Stockton Beach on the northern side of the harbour and the many beaches to the south can also be suitable for kids and beginners on small swells depending on sand, wind and swell conditions. If you are looking for a surf spot and the waves are big, Blacksmiths Beach to the south or the even more protected Fingal Bay at Port Stephens normally have easier surfing conditions.
Good Wind Direction
Most beaches are best on North West to South West winds, with Redhead Beach offering protection from North winds and Nobbys and Blacksmiths Beaches marginally protected in South winds.

Good Swell Direction For Fun Beginner Waves
Small North to East to South swells.

- Rocks, Rip Currents and Marine life.

Have fun surfing Newcastle by practising surfing etiquette and surf safety.

All of the beaches have easy access with parking available.

Lifeguard Patrolled
Nobbys Beach and Bar Beach are patrolled year round and Stockton Beach, Newcastle Beach, Dixon Park Beach and Merewether Beach are patrolled daily from September until the end of April - always swim between the red and yellow flags.

Beginners & kids are best to surf at beaches when Lifeguards are on patrol or with a friend who has decades of surfing experience.

Located at all of the patrolled beaches listed above.

Closest Shops
Beach kiosks, cafes, restaurants, take aways and surf shops can be located along the coast with Newcastle CBD and the surrounding beach suburbs.

Photos of Newcastle Beaches

Nobbys Beach attached sandbar in south corner

Nobbys Beach attached sandbar in south corner.
Photo: Kelly Ratcliffe

Nobbys Beach looking north

View north at Nobbys
Photo: Kelly Ratcliffe

Newcastle surf

Fun surf day at Newcastle
Photo: Kelly Ratcliffe

Stockton Beach surfing

Surfing at Stockton Beach is a challenge due to the fast, dumping waves that break along the beach. The southern corner however, can be good for beginners seeking shelter from south winds and south swells.
Photo: Kelly Ratcliffe


Stockton Beach

Stockton Beach
Photo: Kelly Ratcliffe


The mellower peaks of Blacksmiths Beach south of Newcastle are often a great option for beginners and kids to practise their surfing skills.
Photo: Kelly Ratcliffe


Blacksmiths Beach looking north

Blacksmiths Beach view north
Photo: Kelly Ratcliffe


Blacksmiths Beach south end shelter

The southern corner of Blacksmiths provides shelter from south winds and south swells.
Photo: Kelly Ratcliffe


Newcastle speed right

Winter special
Photo: Kelly Ratcliffe