Middleton – Goolwa Beach

Middleton - Goolwa Beach

South Australia, Fleurieu Peninsula

Middleton is a consistent go to spot for beginner surfers who reside in and around Adelaide. This is one of the broadest, low gradient sandbars in Australia, where rides of over a minute long are possible even when surfing straight to the beach in the whitewater! The surf zone during hot summer days gets busy with surfers of all levels enjoying the waves but there is still plenty of space to practise on this very long beach.

Wave Type
The upside of Middleton is that the breadth of the sandbar here makes this spot perfect for practising catching whitewater waves with plenty of time to stand up and ride waves that typically roll slowly and gently to shore. The down side is if you want to catch green waves here you will need to possess strong paddling and wave negotiation skills to be able to move past what are at times dozens of whitewater waves as you paddle back out beyond the surf zone after each ride.

Apart from small wave days, beginner surfers should stick to the inside sandbars that are attached to the beach, as rips are present along the beach and the waves that break out the back are often deceptively big as they break a long way off shore. Often the smallest waves can be found towards the western part of the beach around Middleton.

During strong south winds and big swells, the Mid Coast Beaches between here and Adelaide, will offer smoother, easier surfing conditions for kids and beginners.

Good Wind Direction
Best on North East to North West winds.

Good Swell Direction For Fun Beginner Waves
Moderate West swells to small South West to South East swells.

- Rocks, Rip Currents and Marine Life

Have fun surfing around Victor Harbor by practising surfing etiquette and surf safety.

Several car parks are located behind the beach from Middleton to Goolwa.

Lifeguard Patrolled
Middleton and Goolwa Beaches are not patrolled. The closest patrolled beaches are at Port Elliot and Chiton Rocks (just east of Victor Harbor) from November until March - always swim between the red and yellow flags.

Beginners & kids are best to surf at beaches when Lifeguards are on patrol or with a friend who has decades of surfing experience.

Located at several points along the beach between Middleton and Goolwa.

Closest Shops
Goolwa, Port Elliot and Victor Harbor offer a wide range of cafes, restaurants, take aways, a variety of shops and services and several surf shops.

Photos of Middleton - Goolwa Beach

Middleton Beach surf zone

Middleton Beach surf zone. With one of the broadest sandbars in Australia, long whitewater waves await beginner surfers (like those black dots amongst the waves in the photo).
Photo: Kelly Ratcliffe

Goolwa Beach Drive

Goolwa Beach Drive, Fleurieu Peninsula
Photo Courtesy: Adam Bruzzone & South Australian Tourism Commission


Middleton Beach View

Crows Nest Road Lookout, Fleurieu Peninsula
Photo Courtesy: Neale Winter & South Australian Tourism Commission