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Photo reviews & highlights


What's Happening

Surf Events & Festivals around the nation.


Softboard Buyers Guide

The best softboards for frothing kids (and big kids) for some foamy surfing fun.

Preece's South Port Surf & Skate Shop

Surf Shops

A comprehensive list to help you find the best Surf Shops around Australia.

Surfing Clues


Buying a Surfboard

Advice on choosing the right beginner surfboard.

Drop in example on peak

Surfing Etiquette

Respect your fellow surfer and maintain a good vibe in the line up by practising sound surfing etiquette.

Kids Surfing

Kids Surfing

How to introduce kids to surfing, choose the right conditions and keep it fun!

Rip Current Sydney

Rip Currents

Know how to spot and avoid (and if needed escape) rip currents when learning to surf.

Surf Safely

Surf Safety

What you'll need to bring and know to enjoy surfing around Australia.


Plan Your Surf Session

Tired of getting smashed in the surf? Want to actually catch and ride fun waves? Then plan your surf session before you enter the water.